About Zayed Charity Run - Egypt

The Zayed Charity Run, a global humanitarian running race honoring the UAE's Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, was established over two decades ago. In 2014, the race expanded to Egypt, where it was held annually until the COVID-19 pandemic forced a hiatus. However, the race made a triumphant return in 2022 and will continue to inspire runners in 2023 and beyond.
Wheelchair participants preparing to race at Zayed Charity Marathon 2018 in Luxor, Egypt

Zayed Charity Run Egypt 2023

Runners preparing to run for Zayed Charity Marathon 2018 in Luxor, Egypt

The Zayed Charity Run, hosted in collaboration with the UAE Embassy in Egypt, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, and the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, is back in Egypt on Saturday, December 30th to reflect the deeply-rooted Egyptian-Emirati relations that come together in making crowds eager to run for kindness.

Charitable contributions will be donated to Misr Al Kheir Foundation, the People's Hospital, and several other governmental hospitals.  Last year, the Emirates Red Crescent provided 60 Umrah opportunities for participants in the race, and this year the Emirates Red Crescent will provide 100 Umrah opportunities distributed to participants. 

This year's race takes us to the New Administrative Capital and has a prize pool of EGP 10 Million distributed between 5,000 participants. 

Charities We Are Supporting

Misr El Kheir Foundation (MEK)

Misr El Kheir Foundation (MEK) is a non-profit development institution established in 2007 with the
objective of developing the Egyptian individual in a comprehensive manner. Seven key areas have been
selected for human development namely: Health, Education, Scientific Research, Social Solidarity,
Aspects of Life, Civil Associations development, and Integrated Developments. Our vision is to become a
pioneering sustainable development organization to be heeded internationally; our mission is to
contribute to the development of individuals and to serve them in the hope of eliminating
unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, and disease. Our mission is to participate in building people and
serving them in the fields of social solidarity, education, health, scientific research and innovation,
aspects of life, Civil Associations, and integrated development with the hope of eliminating
unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, and disease. Our vision is pioneering institution, as a global example,
to reach the development of a self-developing, symbiotic society. Our goal is to take care of the citizen
and raising him from a state of nothingness to subsistence and from subsistence to sufficiency and
from sufficiency to competence. Our Values is: Transparency - Respect - Excellence - Responsibility -
Credibility - Equality.
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